Be Bold with Bobbi Brown

Take a bold dive into spring with Bobbi Brown's newest mascara: Extreme Party Mascara

This mascara is sure to make a pretty powerful statement at any gathering with its great lash separation and endless volume for a flexible and long-lasting seductive eye. Not to mention the clump-free formula that adheres to even your smallest lashes for a fail-proof bold eye that's sure to catch anyone's attention. The result: dramatic lashes without the use of falsies.

Available for $22.00, I have yet to make a Bobbi Brown purchase; this bold mascara just might be my first!


Pretty Powerful....Everyday

sometimes we can be so engulfed in what we have going on that we forget to take care of ourselves. between school, work, family, and other obligations, it may be hard to squeeze in some "me" time. i find that when I look good, i feel good. and it shows!! there's nothing wrong with making time for yourself to help you feel pretty powerful (a la Bobbi Brown) as you tackle your day!

i just wanted to share a few items i use daily to achieve a quick, fresh, and simple everyday look. it's so easy and literally takes about five minutes. especially during times when i may be rushed, it's nice to throw on this fast and easy look and head out. this is also a very clean look i like to use on days when i don't want to wear heavy makeup.

Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser ive been using this product for almost two years - this is an excellent cleanser i use daily. it works well to remove dirt and oil buildup acquired throughout the day. additionally, it is an amazing makeup remover!! when washing my face at night, makeup comes of completely and cleanly without stripping my face and making it feel really dry. i love this stuff!

Beyond Belieft Vita*C SPF 15 Sunscreen this is a new product i recently picked up at Sally Beauty Supply. i was in search of a facial moisturizer with an SPF i can use to both moisturize and protect my face from Hawaii's heat and humidity (soon to come!). this was relatively inexpensive so i thought to give it a try before my big move. i love this product so far; its very light which was important to me. i didn't want anything too heavy that would melt in Hawaii's heat. although light, it makes my skin look and feel fresh and moisturized without looking or feeling greasy. the SPF doesn't hurt either and i take comfort in knowing my face is protected from any harsh UV rays. i'll revisit this moisturizer once i get to Hawaii ;)

MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 when i first made this purchase i wasn't too fond of it. i was looking for a moisturizer with a little bit of color. i felt like i got more color and less moisturizer. this feels more like a light foundation than anything else. however, as of recent, i've embraced this moisturizer. i use it when i want a more finished look - still quick - without using heavier foundations or powders. i apply it to areas where i want to minimize color variances on my face just to even out my complexion. this also has SPF content so i'm sure once i get to Hawaii my face will be plenty protected!

MAC Studio Finish Concealer this is, again, something i use when i want a more refined and finished yet quick and simple look. i just realized it has a SPF of 35 so i'm sure my eyes will be plenty protected! this has a look and feel similar to that of clay, however i apply by patting and it glides on smoothly. i use this just around my eye area, concentrating on my lids because my lids are the darkest parts of my eyes. the result leaves me looking awake, fresh, and vibrant.

MAC Studio Fix Powder + Foundation if i'm choosing to wear blush on a particular day, i use this powder/foundation combo to set the blush for longer-lasting wear. i may also brush over my entire face when i'm done to set my entire look.

MAC Blush sometimes i'll add a touch of color to my cheeks with any one of my MAC blushes. more often i'm going for a very natural look so i stick with my browns. but every now and then i'll try a hint of pink to brighten things up!

Rimmel London Lash Maxxx Mascara this is one product i try to never leave the house without. mascara makes a huge difference in my overall appearance. my eyes are much bigger and brighter with this mascara, which promises three times multiplying effect without the clumping. in the above image, the eye on the left has the Lash Maxxx Mascara; the eye on the right is without.

Avalon Organics Vitamin C Soothing Lip Balm i absolutely love this lip product. i picked this up at my local organic supermarket. this lip balm has a very light orange-y scent and glides on smoothly and effortlessly. it leaves my pout feeling extra silky, extra protected, and extra moisturized, not sticky or greasy. it promises to be nourishing for protection against dry, chapped lips. and it does just that!

which staple products are part of your quick and clean everyday makeup repertoire?


iTried It: Urban Outfitters Blue 6

spring can't come fast enough for those of us on the east coast, as we continue to get pummeled with record-breaking amounts of snow. as the winter season nears its end, now is the perfect time to look forward to spring weather and fashion trends. 

color connoisseur Pantone, Inc. recently granted 2010's color of the year accolade to the beautiful turquoise:

"Turquoise transports us to an exciting tropical paradise while offering a sense of protection and healing in stressful times."
as the snow continues to fall, i thank the fine folks at Pantone for whisking me off to a tropical paradise to indulge in a warm weather change my body is sure to appreciate. protection and healing from this winters harsh weather patterns is a definite must and my healing begins with my hands.

i recently stopped by Urban Outfitters and was drawn to their large display of nail colors. a really pretty turqoise-ish color (Blue 6) caught my attention and i purchased the square-shaped 10ml (0.33 oz) bottle for five bucks.

i was reluctant to make this purchase as i am not a frequent customer of Urban Outfitters and i was unsure of the quality of their nail lacquers, especially for the price.

this color appears to be highly pigmented and rich in texture while in the bottle, however when i applied it to my nails i was surprised to find that it seemed very thin, almost watery. this was disappointing because it was completely contrary to what i expected. furthermore, i wasn't sure i liked the color on my nails as much as i did in the bottle. as i applied additional coats i began to warm up to 2010's tropical shade. after three coats, i think i like this bold color and glassy finish.

i tend to migrate towards hues of reds and pinks for my manicures so this turquoise beauty is a nice break from the norm. this color is bold, bright, and fun and gives me something to look forward to as i wait for the winter weather to make its way out.

this polish is worth the buy if you don't mind applying multiple coats to achieve the bold color you may be expecting. this may be a repeat purchase of mine throughout the spring and summer months to keep my manicures looking bright and fun.


Day One

this begins with an interest, an idea, and some initiative.

i see many things on my horizon that i am more than happy to share with others. as i frequent other blogs of varying topics i thought to begin my own; i thought i should tell my own story and share my own interests rather than always reading about those of others.

i welcome you to join me as i try new things, travel, and nestle into life as a young, newly married Naval wife. i hope to feature product reviews, culinary reviews and recipes, places to see, and things to do. i'd love to provide insight into the sunny side and hardships that come with being a young woman trying to balance her new life as a Naval wife, her graduate studies, and developing herself as a young professional.

here's to hoping that the sunny side is always up!